Web Design Service
with Training & Free Webhosting

We Provide Website Design Services With Training to Manage & Create Multiple Web Pages & Development, We Support eCommerce & Digital Marketing SEO With Free Hosting, Email, SSL Security For Your Website Business. Big-Host-X Designer Developer Trainer Company

One Time Design Charge

All In One Package To Create your Online Digital Store & Start Your Website Business.

We Create Web Design and we host your website freely, We provide a free server space, email ids & SSL for HTTPS Secure connection. Once we create the base home page we will give Website Training for you on how to manage, edit, create multiple web pages & we will also support you on ECommerce Site development & digital marketing SEO.

Why this product is the end solution for your Web Design, Hosting & Marketing?

Because we support website design, hosting, and marketing check below for more details or chat with us.

Website Design Service

Website designing services Our website creators, web developers create Base Web design page and they will train you on web page designer tools on how to edit and create multiple web pages.

-We create the base design
-We provide training on how to edit
-We teach on creating pages
-We support SEO for Digital Marketing.

Web Hosting, email & SSL Security

Webhosting We provide free Web Site Hosting free domain, server space, SSL Security and email, best hosting for beginners because we provide complete support to host your website or your client website.

Free Hosting:
Free Server Space
Free email ID
Free SSL (HTTPS secure connection)

Web Design Training

Online courses in web design on how to Create web page design layout, Training on online webpage creator. Design Multiple web pages with the support team, create custom pages, posts, contact forms.

We are here to help you with designing your’s or your client’s WordPress / Joomla website, with free hosting, Plugins, templates, themes, installation, and setup.

What do we do?
We create the Base design (home page) and we will train you on editing and creating multiple pages.
We will be there at the backend to support you on Web Design & SEO for your’s or your client’s website.

eCommerce Website

eCommerce site, Start Online Sales, Web design for online shopping eCommerce business for selling products, we support on how to set up eCommerce, learn web designing create product pages and start selling

How It Works

Hosting Process:

  • Once after payment, you can chat with us to final your Domain name.
  • Server space will be connected to the domain and email created according to your requirements.

Design Process:

The client wants to provide a final Layout plan for his website, in that they want to mention how many rows and what will be in each row, for example:

  • First-row full-width Banner ( optional with content)
  • The second row is one column for text
  • The third row for service/products, divided into 3 columns in that each column has an image/icon & text…

Likewise, plan your own layout design according to your website requirement and you should send all its final images and contents.

  • Layout design paperwork,
  • Text in WordPad
  • Image in zipping

We will discuss with You by chat and proceed with the design

  • The design will be ready in approx 1 week and will be sent to the client for the final correction
  • The client can see the website live and tell us the corrections if needed.
  • Voila, your website is ready, and enjoy our Free Monthly Service according to the Package.
Get 30% Discount on your next purchase

If you are a DIY Ultimate member & like to purchase another DIY Ultimate package for your next project you will get a 30% Discount.

Create your online Store for your Business or Start your own Web Design Company.

Create a website either for you or for your client we will support both, website development companies for your web design services, Webhosting, and Digital Marketing services

Original price was: $303.43.Current price is: $182.05.

Design your Dream Website

Web Design Packages:

Pro | Web Design Service Dynamic pages | Free Hosting

Original price was: $91.03.Current price is: $60.67.

Ultimate | Web Design Service with Training & Support | Free Hosting

Original price was: $303.43.Current price is: $182.05.

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